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English info about this site

On our page you can find paper models in 1:100 scale. Most models are vehicle models – cars, vans, buses and trucks. Why the 1:100 scale? It originates from the older Minibox models (created by M. Weiner), which were poblished in the ABC magazine from 1988. These models are still very popular in Czech Republic – they´re easy to build and they look very well. Weiner´s production included mostly the models of famous Czech brands, but on our pages you´ll find models of vehicles from all around the world. 

Our page follows up the Miniboxes, because there are many capable people, who weren´t satisfied with the original models only, but they started to rebuild then or they began to create their own, new models in the 1:100 scale. We hope, that you´ll like these pages and that you´ll stick some models together – we have both easy and more complicated models. 

For your better orientation there is a short list of models, that you´ll find in each category. The menu is available from the title page on the left side. Now categories are sorted by authors:


A list of original Miniboxes (including more information and photos). Here you can find models fromABCmagazine and models, that are produced by author´s firm WDS. You can find a list of 1:160 models too. The 1:300 scale is actual now, but we haven´t included it our webpage yet.

More information you can find on the page www.minibox.cz too. These models aren´t available for downloading


Ivan Chmela, the author, follows on the Miniboxes, some models use parts from Miniboxes, the other models are quite new, their construction is original. These models are the first, that you can download from this site.


Very good models of trucks and lorries. We recommended them. They´re more complicated to build, but the result is excellent!

Michal Rozínek

Very good, and more complicated models of (not only) agricultural vehicles. The “M” series (easier models of cars) is interesting too.

PTF /Petr Sychra/ and Vladimír Zadák

Both authors create mostly the Czech “Tatra” models, they cooperate on some of them Vladimír Zadák was older models Škoda/LIAZ and construction vehicles too.

Except these authors we have many other with many models – it´s the best to look at their pages and choose models, that you are interested in. 

We thank you for your visit on our pages and we hope that you like them and that you stick same models together. You can send photos of  built models (finished) with your domicile (minibox@centrum.cz)